Debi Crowley, Owner/Trainer/Instructor

Debi began riding at an early age on a backyard horse exploring the woods and fields around her home. She sold her horse when she went off to college, but purchased another one immediately after graduation. Initially, she rode western, but then began taking English riding lessons at a nearby barn and quickly became hooked. She competed in local hunter-jumper shows for several years until she acquired an off-the-track Thoroughbred named "Grandpa's Cadillac". Gramps was just too rambunctious for the hunters and Debi, although not really knowing much about the sport of eventing at the time, decided to give it a try and began taking lessons at Jim Graham's Meadow Run Farm in Florence, Alabama. She knew immediately that this was her niche in the horse world.

Since that time, Debi has trained several horses to the upper levels of eventing. Most notably, she competed Mighty Mite ("Beau") at the Advanced level and won the Radnor International Hunt CCI** Championship on him in 2003 among a field of over 100 competitors. Debi was also one of approximately 30 event riders in the nation to be selected to participate in the United States Equestrian Team (USET) Eventing Developing Rider Program in 2003 and again in 2004. This program is aimed at promising horse and rider teams that have not previously represented the U.S. in competition and allowed her to participate in three days of intensive training conducted by the USET's Developing Rider Coach, Olympic gold medalist David O'Connor in 2003, and Kim Severson in 2004.

Debi and Beau have also been featured in numerous magazines including the August 2002 issue of the American Quarter Horse Journal, a magazine published by the American Quarter Horse Association and internationally circulated, the May 2004 issue of Practical Horseman, and the December 2003 issue of Eventing, a British magazine dedicated to the sport of eventing.

In late 2005, Debi began competing Beau in recognized dressage shows at FEI Prix St. George. Debi completed the requirements for her United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Silver Medal in early 2006. In May 2014, Debi joined an elite group of dressage riders when she earned her USDF gold medal!

Debi is now concentrating on training and teaching at Cotton Meadows Farm. While she will continues to compete in both dressage and eventing, her primary focus has changed to helping others achieve their riding goals as well as raising and training quality dressage and event prospects for sale. Debi is committed to maintaining Cotton Meadows Farm's reputation for being the premier boarding & training facility in the area for goal-oriented riders.

Debi is also an avid endurance runner having run several marathons and trail ultramarathons.

Debi and Beau Debi and Beau at Radnor
Photo by Cora Cushny
Debi and Beau during dressage
Photo by Shannon Brinkman
Debi and Beau (Jan 07)
Photo by Tim Holekamp
Debi and Beau Sunbathing at a FL Show Debi and Plato Carlos
Debi and Plato Carlos Debi and Plato Carlos
Debi and Beau Debi and Beau
Debi and Nigel Debi and Nigel


The majority of boarders and employees at CMF dressed up for a night on the town in Sep 09 followed by a tie-dye party at Debi's house. Since we rarely get to see each other in anything other than barn clothes, it was a lot of fun to see everyone dressed up and wearing makeup. More photos of the Ladies Night Out have been posted on the Photo page.

Before Dinner
(L-R: Michelle, Ashley Hayes, Ashley Hebrank, Debi, Rosie, Jamie, Sue, Kay)

After Dinner
(L-R: Kay, Sue, Mary Lee, Ashley Hebrank, Michelle, Jamie, Ashley Hayes, Rose, Debi)
Rosies Dad Ashley Hayes( left)
Ashley Hebrank (right)
Ashley Hayes, Ashley Hebrank and Rosie
Tie-Dye Preperation Ashley Hayes, Ashley Hebrank,
Jamie and Michelle
Rosie and Gomez


Sabrina Companioni, Intern

Sabrina started at CMF in May of 2014 when she needed an internship to complete her degree from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale. She will be graduating this fall with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with an Equine Specialization.

Sabrina is here at CMF to learn the ins and outs of barn management to prepare her for the practical aspects of managing a barn. Along with managing a barn in the future, she would like to teach young children at the beginner level. While interning at CMF, Sabrina is adding to her knowledge of handling a variety of horses of all ages, treating wounds and injuries, dealing with constant farm repairs and maintenance, and interfacing with employees, customers, and suppliers about everyday issues and concerns.

Sabrina started riding when she was eight years old and has been riding on and off ever since, but didn't buy her first horse until she was in college. Her mare, Con Game, is an aged thoroughbred mare that was owned by her school. Sabrina used Con Game frequently in her advanced horsemanship class and ultimately got the opportunity to purchase her. They are now working on building her mare's trust and confidence to develop a harmonious partnership.

Sabrina and Con Game

Tiffany Davis

Tiffany started working at CMF when she was just 14 years old and had very little experience with horses. She was a quick learner and has been working here now for over three years. She loves all animals, but her most special one is her dog, Hank, who comes to work with her.

Tiffany is a gifted artist and leaves her mark on various white boards in the barns.

Tiffany and Hank Tiffany with Neptune

Savannah Emerson

Savannah has been working at CMF for over 2 years and she has ridden and owned horses for several years. She currently competes in dressage on her thoroughbred mare, Melanie. The summer of 2014, she won several JR/YR Highpoint Awards at Training Level at recognized dressage shows.

In addition to riding, Savannah is a straight-A student, is an accomplished artist, and has played multiple team sports in school. She is also very interested in photography and spends a lot of time photographing horses on the farm and at horse shows.

Savannah and Betty
Savannah and Betty

Michelle Quarles, Part-time handywoman

Michelle's introduction to horses began when she started working at a breeding farm in 1995. Since then, she has worked at several farms performing all aspects of farm repair and maintenance as well as handling horses.

At CMF, Michelle is responsible for all farm maintenance including repairing fences, maintaining all farm equipment, bush hogging, etc. When something gets broken, Michelle will fix it! She keeps the farm grounds looking neat and clean and makes sure that everything stays in good working order.

Michelle has many hobbies and interests including water sports, riding motorcycles, and working out to stay physically fit. She was Ms. Huntsville/Tennessee Valley, a body building contest, in 1989 and Ms. Gadsden in 1990. She was also the first (and only?) female to pass the Alabama firefighting physical ability test (CPAT) since it was instituted several years ago. Michelle has a BA in Liberal Arts from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Michelle and Debi on Motorcycle Adventure Michelle and Gomez

Ashley Hebrank, Part-time barn worker

Ashley was a previous working student at CMF and she is now a boarder and part-time worker. Ashley has an Equine Studies degree from MTSU and came to us to learn the ins and outs of the horse business. Her knowledge and hands-on experience are a valuable asset here at CMF.

Ashley owns Rocky, an off-the-track thoroughbred that she has owned for many years. Ashley and Rocky have competed at recognized horse trials at the Beginner Novice level. She is currently juggling her horse activities with working full time as a paralegal at a law firm.

Ashley Hebrank


Karen Cunefare

Karen began riding as an adult when her daughter, Amanda, was riding and owned a horse. She soon decided that she wanted a horse of her own. In July of 2003 Karen purchased a four year old Percheron/Paint gelding named Everybody Loves Raymond (aka Raymond). She continued her dressage training with Debi and ultimately showed Raymond very successfully to second level before selling him and buying another horse, an Oldenburg gelding named Welkin (aka Sky). Sky had very little show experience, but had training through second level. Karen is currently competing him at Third level with scores in the mid 60's.

Karen works full time as a software engineer but makes time to ride as often as she can. She also enjoys water sports and spending time at the lake.

Karen and Raymond

Kay Sommerkamp

As a child, Kay Sommerkamp played with toy horses instead of dolls. She started riding as soon as she could convince her parents that the family should go on a trail ride and earned money as a baby sitter during junior high school to pay for weekly riding lessons. She joined the Army as an attorney in 1985 and bought her first horse in Ansbach, Germany. She has had several horses over the years and evented a few times in her early 30s, but stopped riding for about 10 years after the birth of her son, Will. She returned to riding when Will got older and bought a Quarter Horse named Levitikus Strauss (aka Levi). She owned Levi for three years and competed him at training level in recognized dressage shows. In November of 2009, Kay sold Levi and purchased a 5 yr old, black Trakehner mare named Lavanya. Kay hopes to one day earn her Bronze medal in dressage on this mare.

Kay and Levi Kay (far right) at age 6
Kay and Lavanya

Sally Colocho

Sally grew up in Louisiana surrounded by horses but didn't start riding until much later as an adult. After a few dressage lessons she realized the sport would be more challenging than anything she had ever tried and she was hooked. She began with lessons on a leased horse, and continued her pursuit by purchasing a Holsteiner schoolmaster, Pacino, imported by Bunte Horses. In 2013, Sally earned her USDF Bronze and Silver Medals on Pacino. In her spare time, Sally is owner and CEO of deciBel Research, a defense contractor in Research Park that specializes in radar and sensor technology. Sally has two grown children, Andres and Francesca, who both graciously spared her the expense of being the least bit interested in horses.

Sally and Pacino
Sally and Pacino

Caitlin Milford

Caitlin Milford was a previous working student at CMF and is now leasing Gilligan, a warmblood cross gelding owned by Janine Rodgers, that she competes at Novice level eventing. She moved here from northern Ohio where she graduated from Oberlin College and was working at two barns in the area. She came with a wide variety of equine experience that helped her to easily fit into the routine at CMF. Caitlin left her working student position at CMF to return to college. She is now working full time and working on her chemical engineering degree at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Caitlin is also an avid endurance runner and has completed several marathons and ultramarathons including qualifying for and running the Boston Marathon.

Caitlin and Gilligan Caitlin and Chase
Caitlin and Chase

Ashley Hayes

Ashley has been riding all her life having gotten her first pony when she was 4 yrs old. As a child, she rode anything she could get her hands on which was mostly problem horses. When she was a teenager and young adult, she showed several horses in eventing. In her adult life, she has owned several horses, but she is currently leasing a 16 yr old Swedish Warmblood gelding named Baltic Jubilation (Jubi). Jubi has been ridden through Prix St George by Cindy Latham, his owner and breeder. Ashley has competed him through Fourth Level with plans of continuing on to Prix St George with him. Ashley has earned her USDF Bronze medal and hopes to earn her USDF Silver and Gold in the future.

Ashley has two dog children, a red piebald dachshund named Hazel and a black and tan mixed breed named Bianca. Ashely has a degree in Psychology and has recently returned to college for a second degree in the IT field.

Ashley, Caitlin, Hazel and Bianca Ashley &l Jubi
Ashley and Jubi

Tammy Bush

Tammy was introduced to horses when she was a girl through her father who owned race horses. She also spent summers as a kid at riding camp. Tammy has been riding for over eight years as an adult and purchased her current dressage partner, Actor, in early 2014. They have been schooling first and second level dressage movements and showed Training and First level in the fall of 2014. Actor has a super work ethic and he and Tammy have a wonderful partnership. They also love to get out of the arena and enjoy trail riding. In the coming years, Tammy plans to continue to add to her dressage "tool box", to become more balanced in the saddle, and improve her horsemanship skills with Actor as her teacher. She aspires to earn her USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals with him.

Tammy and Phoebe Tammy and Actor

Laura Romanchik

Laura started riding at 15 after spending years begging for lessons. With car keys in hand and a job lined up, she went to the first horse barn she could find. For 10 years, Laura rode Hunter/Jumper with local trainers in Richmond, VA. A few years into the lesson program, she met a Connemara/QH school pony named Ruby that she had to have! After nine months of bonding, Laura purchased Ruby “By Invitation Only” in July of 2007.

In early 2014, Laura (with Ruby, of course) moved to Huntsville, AL for an engineering position. Wanting to do something different, they came to Cotton Meadows Farm, looking for lessons in both dressage and jumping. Since then, Debi has been helping them work on their jumping confidence and teaching them that there is quite a bit more to riding than winning ribbons!

Laura and Ruby hope to make it back out into the show circuit where they can continue to compete in Hunter/Jumper classes until they are prepared to finally debut at their first combined training event.

Laura's other interests include: fishing, hiking, swimming, waterskiing, gaming, painting, photography, and quilting.

Laura and Ruby Laura and Ruby
Laura and Ruby

Caroline Humphries

Photos coming soon...